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About Alexander

A career driven by impact, and a life driven by adventure


My career spans the software startup world of Silicon Valley to innovative companies focused on the future of biotechnology. I value companies with a mission-driven focus, that believe in a positive impact on society as much as the return on investment.


I’m an eternal student, curious about the world, and passionate about my role as an educator. My work spans studying the molecular nature of breast cancer to the data driven nature of technology, all at the intersection of ideas and technology. 


I am not one to sit on the outside and wish others would make a difference. I’ve served stints in the government, most recently leading biotechnology modernization at the Department of Defense, working to bring new technologies to national security.


Life is only as rich as the people we get to share it with. My family, friends, and colleagues are the central focus of my energy. I work to share my wonder about life with them, and learn from the lessons they can teach me about patience, compassion, and drive.


A data-driven look at the world

A large portion of my time and energy is spent thinking about how we can use data to improve our lives. I’m a Data Scientist by training, and have worked across industry, goverment, and academia to develop and apply new ways to look at the world with data.


At IQT, I developed new ways to look at biological data safely and securely


At Amazon, I helped to improve the Alexa interactive user experience


At DHMC, my work helped doctors and scientists study biology and medicine


At Dartmouth, I studied the environment’s impact on variation in cancer and disease


Mission-driven organizations focused on business, societal, and technological impact

Department of Defense

Head of Biotechnology Modernization

McKinsey & Company

Management Consultant


Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Latest Posts

Often I think, sometimes I share.

Bioindustrial manufacturing innovation institute

Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute Proposers’ Day

The Department of Defense has released the dates for the proposers’ day on March 5th, 2020, for the Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute (BMII) in support of the U.S. biomanufacturing ecosystem.[…]

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OKR lessons from first-graders

What First-Graders Can Teach Us About Focus in Business and Life

I’m in the middle of reading “Measure What Matters”, the book that widely popularized the concept of Objectives and Key Results (OKR), by John Doerr. In the book, John explains how a deliberate focus on what you’re doing (objectives) and how you’re doing it (key results) is the key to success. In the middle of reading, I remembered a wonderful gift my sister gave my wife for Christmas the year before she started grad school – it was a “detailed” book of OKR advice on how to do well in school, written by 18 first graders.

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Biotechnology & Bioeconomy

Biotech 2020 and the decade of the bioeconomy

Biotechnology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and Engineered biology, commonly referred to as synthetic biology (SynBio), is taking the world by storm. The bioeconomy, or the economy based on biology and biotechnology, will be a major driver of economic growth over the next decade.

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