Month: May 2020

Often lost in thought, or lost in the woods. Sometimes both.

Biotechnology against coronavirus

Using Advanced Technologies to Fight Pandemics

A common expression heard in the military is, “we’re always fighting the last war.” In the face of the global response to the COVID-19 crisis, the “last war” was the influenza pandemic of 1918. By Diane DiEuliis, Peter Emanuel, James Giordano, and Alexander Titus Although history provides invaluable lessons, it’s vital to re-examine the issues,…
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I should have been an English major

Writing is the most important skill you can develop. When we write, we share, and when we share we can get things done. It makes all the difference.

5 myths about networking

Networking quid pro quo, and why everything you know about it is wrong

Networking is the art of building a network of friends and colleagues to enrich your life and theirs. If all you do is take, then you’ll fail.

Millennials step up

Millennials, it’s time to stop throwing rocks at the castle and join the fight

When I was working in Silicon Valley, I lived the quintessential startup life. All our meals were catered, we played ping pong on our breaks, and we worked fast and hard to build a company. We were changing the world. Fast forward to today, and I just finished working at the Pentagon — and let me tell…
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Titus Talks with Alexander Titus

I’m starting a weekly newsletter – welcome to Titus Talks

Colleagues, friends, and family, I’m starting a newsletter to bring together thoughts and ideas around a couple of areas that are hot topics in the world right now. These topics may not seem to be related, but they definitely are.  My newsletter is called Titus Talks, and I’d like to share news, insights, thoughts, ideas, and…
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