I’m starting a weekly newsletter – welcome to Titus Talks

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I’m starting a weekly newsletter – welcome to Titus Talks

Titus Talks with Alexander Titus

Colleagues, friends, and family,

I’m starting a newsletter to bring together thoughts and ideas around a couple of areas that are hot topics in the world right now. These topics may not seem to be related, but they definitely are.

 My newsletter is called Titus Talks, and I’d like to share news, insights, thoughts, ideas, and opinions about COVID-19, biotechnology, careers, life, and more.

As an aside, thank you Joe for the title suggestion. The test newsletter went to close colleagues, and Joe suggested the alliteration of Titus Talks was nicer than Titus Thoughts. So here we are. Already taking your feedback!

How are those all related?

Well, as I imagine it’s the same for you as it is for me, COVID-19 has rocked your world. It affects your life in some way, every day. How are we going to beat COVID-19? It sure won’t be by wearing more gear and sheltering in place. Now to be clear, those are MANDATORY to slowing the spread, and we have to keep doing them. But in reality, a perfect defense only holds the status quo.

What’s our status quo now? Telework and shelter-in-place, no friends and family gatherings, and ridiculously crowded Home Depots.

Biotechnology & Bioeconomy
Biotechnology & Bioeconomy

Now, we’re going to beat COVID-19 by developing better tests, and a vaccine. How are we going to do that? Biotechnology! Do you see what I did there? Yep, that’s how COVID-19 and biotechnology are related. We need to get better and faster at using biotechnology to improve our lives. A lot is happening in the field right now. So much, in fact, you might want to have a friend keep you up to speed. Yep, that’s me.

Ok, that makes sense, but how does this relate to careers?

Well, has COVID-19 affected your career? Hasn’t every company in the WORLD had to adapt to the pandemic. Work-from-home, layoffs, teleworking, and that’s just the beginning. No, our careers will be fundamentally changed for the rest of our lives. That’s why now is a time to start talking about it.

So, if I’ve piqued your interest, please hold on tight for weekly newsletters. I promise I won’t abuse your inbox. Also, please SHARE this with your friends, colleagues, and family. The more the merrier. You can have them join the mailing list by clicking here and checking the “Subscribe to the Newsletter” box when they send me a message.

If by chance, you don't want to be on the list, that’s cool too. I still like you. I won't write as often, but at least I'll think of you as I DON'T send you my newsletter

I do have one request though. If I’m going to be putting in the effort to write these and keep you up to speed, I’d love for you to read them. Then, if you could give me all the feedback you have on what you like and what you don’t, that would be great! I listen, just ask Joe. And also, please SEND ME anything you think would be great to include in the newsletter. If you do, I’ll owe you one.

Thanks, friends, until the next one.



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