PhD not required, but sometimes it would be nice – with Joe Buccina

July 30, 2020

People ask me all the time if a biotechnology PhD is required to be successful in the industry. Given I’m only half the conversation, I called a good friend, Joe Buccina, and we had a great conversation about careers in the biotechnology industry, and when and how a PhD benefits you. We also talked about when other routes are useful as well. The key take away, as in many of my discussions, is your network is the most powerful thing you have in your toolbox. Build your community, and they will help build you. 

Overall, it depends! I know, I know. That’s a hard one, but hopefully, our conversation helps out a bit in the decision process! Either way, Joe’s an amazing guy, and I recommend everyone knows him. 😉

I hope you enjoy the conversation!



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