Rejected From Med School 2 Times And Now A Founder, A Physician, And A Family Man – With Reza Hosseini Ghomi

August 11, 2020

Everyone fears rejection. It stings, it can even hurt, and it’s embarrassing. But is it the end of the world? Today I get to have an awesome conversation with a great friend of mine, Reza Hosseini Ghomi. If you took a snapshot of Reza’s career, you would rightfully think he is wildly successful. He’s been the co-founder of multiple startups, he’s a practicing doctor, he has a wonderful family and his life is full of friends. What you wouldn’t see is how he was rejected from med school twice after he recovered from cancer early in life.

We all want to be perfect on our first try, but what Reza and I get to talk about is how that’s just not realistic. But it is absolutely not the end of the world if you have to try twice, three times, or more. Not giving up is the key, because when you don’t amazing things can happen.

The best part is how we met. There I was, staring at a strange man in his underwear in my girlfriends apartment when…

Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the rest!

I hope you enjoy the conversation!



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