Alexander Titus


The “About” portion of my life is an ever changing description of my determination to create a life full of both personal and professional success. Largely, my career and interests can be broken into five categories, but my LinkedIn Profile can provide a bit more context to a wider range of experiences.


I have a PhD in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences from Dartmouth. What that means in everyone else’s terms is that I have an expertise in biomedical data science, with a specialty in machine learning, deep learning, and bioinformatics applied to cancer genomics. In the past, I have worked as a Data Scientist on the Alexa Machine Learning team at Amazon, and as a Data Scientist at In-Q-Tel developing encrypted DNA sequence screening algorithms.


I was an employee at Box back when it was a startup, before it became the power house of cloud collaboration that it is today. I also worked in the Entrepreneurship Impact Report at Stanford. In my previous role at In-Q-Tel, and my current role as the AD for Biotechnology, I spend much of my time collaborating with startups across the US.


This interest goes hand-in-hand with my current role at the Department of Defense. This opportunity was the right time to join the Federal Government to have an impact, and serve as the inaugural Assistant Director for Biotechnology.


Finally, I am an eternal academic, and I am always in pursuit of big thoughts in science & technology. As much as possible, I continue to publish work in biotechnology & data science. My Google Scholar Profile has a more complete list of my publications, along with my publications page.


Currently, I am the inaugural Assistant Director (AD) for Biotechnology within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering. For the first time in history, the Department of Defense has set biotechnology as a top ten technology priority, and I am responsible for the Department-wide enterprise biotechnology portfolio. My Department of Defense Profile describes a bit more about that. 


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