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Biotechnology against coronavirus

Using Advanced Technologies to Fight Pandemics

A common expression heard in the military is, “we’re always fighting the last war.” In the face of the global response to the COVID-19 crisis, the “last war” was the influenza pandemic of 1918. By Diane DiEuliis, Peter Emanuel, James Giordano, and Alexander Titus Although history provides invaluable lessons, it’s vital to re-examine the issues,…
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Advanced Analytics - Alexander Titus

Advanced analytics is nice, but how about we start with simple analytics?

I know, I get it! You’re excited about all your data and you want to hire a data scientist right away to get started on all the advanced analytics you can do with your data. In reality, though, I’m not sure that phrase means what you think it means. Stop for a second and ponder…
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Biological Data Science is like picking pink pandas out of a crowd

Biological Data Science and Why Context is King

If I showed you a picture of a cat and told you it was a pink panda bear, would you believe me? How would you go about validating that what I was telling you was actually true? You can do this inherently because you have a built-in network of neurons (not to be confused with…
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Data science and the liberal arts - Alexander Titus

The Case for Data Science as the Modern Liberal Arts

Modern science has again moved toward the benefit of a liberal arts education. It’s why data science is now modern liberal arts. The breadth of expertise required of data scientists is often criticized as the kind of training that simply can’t exist. In reality, however, the liberal arts have provided broad integrated education to young minds around the world, and modern data science is the emergence of a new form of liberal arts careers.


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