Bioindustrial manufacturing innovation institute

Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute Proposers’ Day

The Department of Defense has released the dates for the proposers’ day on March 5th, 2020, for the Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute (BMII) in support of the U.S. biomanufacturing ecosystem. The full text, a PDF to download, and a link to the announcement can be found below. Proposers’ Day AnnouncementFA8650-20-S-5028Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute Bioindustrial Manufacturing…
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OKR lessons from first-graders

What First-Graders Can Teach Us About Focus in Business and Life

I’m in the middle of reading “Measure What Matters”, the book that widely popularized the concept of Objectives and Key Results (OKR), by John Doerr. In the book, John explains how a deliberate focus on what you’re doing (objectives) and how you’re doing it (key results) is the key to success. In the middle of reading, I remembered a wonderful gift my sister gave my wife for Christmas the year before she started grad school – it was a “detailed” book of OKR advice on how to do well in school, written by 18 first graders.

Biotechnology & Bioeconomy

Biotech 2020 and the decade of the bioeconomy

Biotechnology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and Engineered biology, commonly referred to as synthetic biology (SynBio), is taking the world by storm. The bioeconomy, or the economy based on biology and biotechnology, will be a major driver of economic growth over the next decade.

Synthetic Biology Manufacturing Innovation Institute Notice of Intent - Biomanufacturing

Synthetic biology manufacturing innovation institute NOI

The Department of Defense has released a notice of intent (NOI) for a competition in early 2020 for Synthetic Biology Manufacturing Innovation Institute (SynBio MII) in support of the U.S. biomanufacturing ecosystem. The full text, a PDF to download, and a link to the NOI can be found below. NOTICE OF INTENT FEDERAL AGENCY NAME:…
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There is no special set of hackers working away to crack your "cyberbiosecurity"

Defining “Cyberbiosecurity” and why we should stop using the term

The term cyberbiosecurity is rapidly making its way around the internet, academic, and government communities. If you want a silly analogy, you might say its spreading like an emerging infection through various host communities. Specifically, communities with no innate immunity to fight off the misinformation.

Advanced Analytics - Alexander Titus

Advanced analytics is nice, but how about we start with simple analytics?

I know, I get it! You’re excited about all your data and you want to hire a data scientist right away to get started on all the advanced analytics you can do with your data. In reality, though, I’m not sure that phrase means what you think it means. Stop for a second and ponder…
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Biological Data Science is like picking pink pandas out of a crowd

Biological Data Science and Why Context is King

If I showed you a picture of a cat and told you it was a pink panda bear, would you believe me? How would you go about validating that what I was telling you was actually true? You can do this inherently because you have a built-in network of neurons (not to be confused with…
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Data science and the liberal arts - Alexander Titus

The Case for Data Science as the Modern Liberal Arts

Modern science has again moved toward the benefit of a liberal arts education. It’s why data science is now modern liberal arts. The breadth of expertise required of data scientists is often criticized as the kind of training that simply can’t exist. In reality, however, the liberal arts have provided broad integrated education to young minds around the world, and modern data science is the emergence of a new form of liberal arts careers.

Alexander Titus Backpacking

Alex Titus may be shorter, but I’m more of an Alexander

When I was growing up, my parents had all kinds of stories about why they named me Alexander rather than simply Alex Titus. It ranged from all the likely explanations a parent would give. We wanted you to be like Alexander the Great… Or often a favorite… Our favorite show was Family Ties, so we…
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Alexander Titus Cliff Jumping

You should hire people who quit their jobs to travel the world

Career advisors, whether it’s a person, a book, or a blog, often advise people against “gaps” in their resume. The common wisdom is that employers don’t like to see breaks in job history because it sends a bad signal to the company. In reality, however, the best thing you can do for your company is…
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